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At Your Tshirt Man we use all the latest technology in our T shirt screen printing process.

First your design is color separated and printed out on a translucent paper called "vellum." We then use the vellum and a UV light source to "burn" your image onto the screen. In custom printing T shirts we use a separate screen for each color in your design, but charge you no setup fees!

Once each screen is burned they are washed out using medium water pressure. After drying, the screens are set up on one of our screen printing presses. We have 2 types of presses at our shop - manual (hand) for smaller jobs and automatic (pneumatic) for larger jobs.

Our automatic presses can print over 500 shirts per hour, ensuring fast production time on any size job. Next we apply ink to the garment through each screen using a squeegee. We're almost finished, the last step is to run your freshly inked apparel through our gas powered conveyor dryer where the ink reaches a temperature of 330 degrees, thoroughly curing the ink.

Each garment is then inspected for quality control. Your completed order is professionally packaged and shipped to you!